Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Today is release day for my romantic suspense, THE CHARMSTONE.

I'm honored to say it's a Five Star PUBLISHER'S CHOICE! for April. It's so fabulous having that kind of support from my publisher and editor. They've been a dream to work with. John Helfers and Tiffany Schofield are amazing - endlessly courteous, patient, understanding, accessible, available and prompt. They've never failed to answer a question, return a phone call, or reply to an email.

Not all authors are able to say that about their publishers and editors. I'm truly blessed.

Thank you Tiffany. Thank you John. Thank you Scott.

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bulldoglvr said...

I have to say, if someone hasn't had the chance to pick up The Charmstone, they need to. I had my copy and my girlfriends mother picked it up and started to read. She asked me if she couldn't please keep it as she couldn't part with it - she had to see how things ended! She read all day to finish it. However, I never got my copy back - my girlfriend ended up with it, then a friend of hers...I know I will be buying copies of this book to give as gifts! (Oh yes, and another one for ME!)