Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I've been absent from my blog for so long because I've been buried in a work in progress.

I'm back to Monument Valley on the Navajo Indian Reservation in this story. This time my heroine Keegan Thomas is searching for people in an old photograph. She's a journalist and thought it would be interesting to find these people and interview them for a magazine article.

Well, it got interesting all right. She discovered secrets that had been buried for over fifty years. Shocking secrets. Dangerous secrets. Secrets worth killing for.

I'm almost finished. I've outlined the last three chapters, I know what's going to happen and who did what and why, but I've taken a few weeks off to let the story settle in. The ending is going to be action packed, so I need to work out the details and let them fall into place in my mind. When the final scenes are bursting out of my head, I'll sit down and put them on paper. It will only be a few more days. I still have some research to do.

I'd like to tell more about the story, but it's so tightly plotted almost anything I say will be a spoiler. But I think you'll like this book as well as you all liked THE CHARMSTONE.

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