Monday, July 06, 2009


My new book comes out on July 17th. I'm very excited. It's an Old West Historical set in a Colorado mining town. It's quite a different story than I usually write, and I wrote it under a different name, Christy Hubbard. I loved writing this book. It felt like it was being channeled to me. I think I must have lived one of my previous lives in the Old West.


In 1859 a woman needed guts to live in the Old West, and Sage Cane had an abundance. Penniless and in debt after the death of her father, then abandoned at the altar by a fortune-hunting scoundrel, she headed for Colorado gold country to take possession of the hotel she’d inherited from her Aunt Hannah “Honey” Wild. But the hotel is really a bordello called Wild Mountain Honey, and her plan to close it down is met with resistance from Bridger Norwood, the sexy town marshal whose job it is to keep peace in the rough and rugged mining town. Backed by the town fathers, he's convinced the miners need a nice place to go to keep them off the streets and out of trouble.

But Sage wasn’t born to let adversity keep her down or men control her destiny.

Fairplay Creek is a town of, by, and for men, with nothing for women. Not a slip of silk or froth of lace can be found anywhere outside the bordello. While the men mined for gold, drank in the saloons, gambled at the card tables, or visited Wild Mountain Honey, the wives were left behind to scrabble together a home in tents, huts, and dugouts. Until Sage Cane secretly teaches the women in town how to dress for adornment, whisper into a man's ear, and practice the fine art of seduction. Secrets are revealed and secrets are kept, but Fairplay Creek is changed forever.

Thank you RT Book Reviews for your 4 STAR review - "...marvelous tale...Dynamic characters...captivating plot..."

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TERRI said...

I just finished The Charmstone, and loved it. I want a "Durango"
I grew up in Cortez, and live in Peoria,AZ now so it was fun reading about all the landmarks I grew up with. I too love the Navajo people, in fact a good friend of mine, named one of our daughters. His name is Jimmie King Jr. He makes wonderful jewelry, and is a facinating man. I've often thought he could write a book, from all the experiences he's had. I'm curious why you used a different name when writing your new book? Keep up the wonderful writing!